the challenge

Originally presented to Speck as a prototype, Suitable Technologies’ Beam concept was poised to alter the way remote employees engaged with their colleagues. This smart presence system (SPS) serves as a physical “body” for offsite employees who want face-to-face communication with onsite co-workers. Suitable asked Speck to help bring this idea to fruition and develop a manufacturable product.

Imagine navigating freely through a work environment, attending meetings, and participating in spontaneous interactions, all from the comfort of your home. High-speed two-way audio and video meant that natural, real-time conversations would be a snap, with the added benefit of lowering employees’ carbon footprint. It was crucial that the exterior product design be warm, approachable, elegant, and easy for users to understand. At the same time, Beam needed to be able to withstand some bumps and bruises along the way.