what made a difference

Design starts and ends with consideration for people. Speck focused as much energy and attention to human behaviors as to mechanical requirements. Natural communication, movement, seating behaviors, eye contact, lighting, and sound transmission were prime focal points.

Early in the program, it became clear that microphone placement and performance would be critical success factors. We designed a uniquely shaped microphone unit and accommodated high performance distance parameters, resulting in optimal voice transmission. Our low-profile camera housing captured images beautifully without drawing attention away from an immersive telepresence experience.

Cisco hailed the finished product as “the most sophisticated, yet reliable telepresence solution in the industry.” Beyond that, the system was singly responsible for reducing business travel and contributing to corresponding environmental benefits. Eliminating just one round-trip between New York and London saves 3,000 pounds of atmospheric carbon dioxide -- equivalent to the emissions of up to 90 cars a day.