Our corporate innovation journeys are custom programs tailored to the group visiting and trip objectives.

Trips are customized to your interest areas and may include:

  • Set pre-trip goals and targets
  • Curated dinner with innovation leads from the Valley to learn how corporates stay competitive and foster innovation
  • 1/2 Day Executive Briefing with a prominent Valley VC to hear pitches from their portfolio of companies solving problems relevant to your business or operational needs - these are some of the most talented entrepreneurs and technology companies driving the next wave of innovation

  • 1/2 to full day workshop on internal innovation with a deep dive into areas of importance such as:

    • Creating a Culture of Collaboration - Breaking down the barriers to trust & transparancy
    • Responsive Organizations - How to design of a company's organizational Operating System to drive it's ability to adapt, innovate and remain resilient to change
    • Risk & Comfort - Risk aversion mentality vs. experimentation, failure, learning
    • Experience Engineering - The power behind intelligent innovation
  • Additional benefits

    • Engage 1:1 with startup community members
    • Tour startup accelerators and innovative co-working spaces
    • Build your Silicon Valley network
    • Debrief post-trip (key learnings, next steps)