David Freas

VP of Innovation Strategy

David Freas leads the business development team at Speck Design. With an expertise in design and strategy, David helps established businesses and new ventures deliver innovative products and services that delight customers.

David is passionate about understanding people’s needs through design research, identifying opportunities based on those insights, and empowering designers and technologists to create solutions. He believes that creating a brand begins and ends with the emotional connection between people and products (or services). Over his 12 years in the design and innovation industry, David held positions at Smart Design and frog design, where he led business development for North America. Much of his career has focused on cutting edge technology and media with companies such as Comcast, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, and GE. David earned his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, with a focus on customer insights and product strategy. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, reading on his Kindle, and trail running.