More than an advisor

Speck Design is privileged to have a collection of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators working as creative collaborators with us and our clients. These advisors and fellows are carefully curated to deliver expertise in the most influential trends underpinning innovation. While each member of this team is an esteemed pioneer in his/her respective field, each also boasts a handful of failures – a requirement for any truly great advisor and partner. We turn to these experts to partner with Speck Design to best meet any and all of our clients' greatest needs and expectations.

Who are they?

Dr. Bob Bauer: Robotics. (CTO Xerox, Willow Garage, Savioke)

Dr. Leah Weiss: Culture Design. (Stanford Business Professor, leads CE&S HopeLab/Omidyar Group)

Greg King: Big Data. (SVP & General Counsel Veritas)

John Pleasants: Digital Media. (CEO Ticketmaster, President Disney Interactive, EVP Digital Media Samsung)

Greg McNeil: Manufacturing Design. (VP Design Innovation Labs, Flextronics)

Robbie Kellman Baxter: Membership Economy. (CEO of Peninsula Strategies, Author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue)

Scott Marshall Brandon: Imagination & Innovation. (Co-Founder of Litróf Consulting, Expert on Imagination, Creativity and Innovation (ICI) Index™)