our approach

As always, we began with people. Multiple rounds of one-on-one research with avid cyclists identified distinct commuter types. Each group needed, cared about, and believed different things about their riding experience. Speck helped Ford select a rider design target and validated multiple ideas through the process with those participants. Importantly, we helped Ford understand the difference between tracking and training, along with the added value that other product features could bring. By mapping the rider's journey and how it can affect them cognitively and emotionally, Speck helped heighten Ford’s empathy for cyclists.

Mid-phase testing validated our offering: an elegant and satisfying user experience. Our packaging was luxe and premium; a cutaway frame form factor helped set the package design apart. We designed and manufactured ten Vecto Trace modules and packages.

The product’s name also needed to convey elements important to the identified design target. Speck’s recommendation of the name Vecto Trace allowed the product to step away from the existing Ford “umbrella” while still retaining association with it through deft use of the brand color palette.