Largest Women-Owned Businesses in the
Bay Area 2015

Published in the San Francisco Business Times

For Carolyn Shames, president, CEO and owner of Shames Construction, the best advice she received was when she was in college, working as a waitress.

“Learn how to do my boss’s job no matter what position I was in at the time, as that is the way to the top,” said Shames, whose company is No. 7 on this year’s women-owned businesses list with $72.46 million in 2014 companywide revenue.

This year's list has some newcomers such as Fremont's Intelliswift and Concord's J.D. Fine & Co. as well as alumni such as ASI Computer Technologies and Zero Waste Solutions. The companies range from aerospace engineering services to clothing manufactures to contractors and law firms. All these entrepreneurs have a passion for their businesses and the perseverance to to make sure they succeed.

Lemery Reyes is an editorial researcher for the San Francisco Business Times.

What is your #1 tip for growing a business? Why him? Why not you?

What is the best advice you received from another business woman? So now we know you can do it. Do what you want to? Own your answer and joy will follow.

-Elisa Jagerson, CEO and owner of Speck Design