Manny Melo

Senior Industrial Designer


As a Senior Industrial Designer at Speck design, Manny is one of the few who can leverage both industrial design and mechanical engineering backgrounds (both from San Jose State University) to create well-functioning great beautiful products.

With positive attitude and a can-do frame of mind, Manny connects with his clients and team to empower, create and execute ground breaking designs. Prior to, Manny has helped grow FocusPDM from start-up to 45 strong.

He’s worked on a wide variety of products ranging from consumer electronics, toys, adult toys, vapes, medical, health fitness products, to backpacking products and kitchen appliances.

Manny has also done in-house design at Zircon helping the team to elevate their brand and global product lines to an all new level of excellence and quality. You can find some of his Zircon contributions still selling at Home Depot, Target, Lowes and Amazon.

In his spare time, Manny likes to cycle and explore East bay and has recently gotten into running.