Marisa Meredith

Project manager

As Project Manager at Speck Design, Marisa Meredith uses her background in design research, engineering, and her OCD-like tendencies to assist with the planning and management of projects, ensuring that teams and clients are able to work and communicate optimally. Marisa is coming to Speck from Stanford University, where she has a B.S. in Engineering - Product Design. She has experience in working from a product design and engineering perspective, but is excited to apply her knowledge in project management. She strongly believes that by incorporating transdisciplinary methodologies in the service of human need, Speck will be able to see opportunities that others may not. When we use our ability to reach outside of ourselves and connect with people, we have the courage to take a risk on something new. In her free time, Marisa can be found plotting ways to get rid of the gopher in her yard, practicing her koto, or watching too much TV.