Why the Medical Devices Industry is Ripe for Disruption: A Closer Look at Innovation Opportunities

At Speck Design, we believe that thoughtful, intelligent innovation—combined with best-in-class engineering—can improve the world around us in practical, tangible ways. Today we take closer look at the medical devices industry, historically one slow to innovate. But with healthcare being such a prominent, hot-button issue in our country, one who can benefit the most from innovation.

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The Shift in Our Commute as Cars Become Smarter

Right now, the work commute may be our least favorite part of the day. But, how will the advent of the autonomous car impact our feelings about that daily time expenditure? We explored the different ways in which our commute may shift — in terms of driving functionality, what we think about during the drive, and our perspective on the overall experience.

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Jen Torche