Helping Companies Make Meaningful Connections in Silicon Valley


We are your access point to Silicon Valley. 

We help you innovate, collaborate, and partner with the Valley's  successful startup, investment, and tech community through organized trips, custom programs and inclusion in local tech events.


Silicon Valley tech firms succeed because they stay alert to trends, disruptive thinking, and cutting-edge technologies. You need to come here. Connect here. And think in ways that drive new levels of growth.

Curated programs for C-level execs and teams leading innovation to recieve an immersive experience as you develop or refine your innovation strategy.



Our step-by-step co-op program makes it easy to establish, or build on, your co-op or internship program.

In doing so, you'll build your brand and foster deeper connections with some of the world’s leading tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors and executives.



If you want to establish a network in the Valley for your cohort or portfolio companies, we'll help get them indoctrinated into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Looking to create an ex-pat entrepreneurial community? We’ll show you how to pull it all together. We’ve done it before, and know which operating and financial models work.


Our corporate innovation journeys are custom programs tailored to the group visiting and trip objectives.

Trips are customized to your interest areas and may include:

  • Set pre-trip goals and targets
  • Curated dinner with innovation leads from the Valley to learn how corporates stay competitive and foster innovation
  • 1/2 Day Executive Briefing with a prominent Valley VC to hear pitches from their portfolio of companies solving problems relevant to your business or operational needs - these are some of the most talented entrepreneurs and technology companies driving the next wave of innovation

  • 1/2 to full day workshop on internal innovation with a deep dive into areas of importance such as:

    • Creating a Culture of Collaboration - Breaking down the barriers to trust & transparancy
    • Responsive Organizations - How to design of a company's organizational Operating System to drive it's ability to adapt, innovate and remain resilient to change
    • Risk & Comfort - Risk aversion mentality vs. experimentation, failure, learning
    • Experience Engineering - The power behind intelligent innovation
  • Additional benefits

    • Engage 1:1 with startup community members
    • Tour startup accelerators and innovative co-working spaces
    • Build your Silicon Valley network
    • Debrief post-trip (key learnings, next steps)


If you wish to be part of this exclusive co-op launch program, please enquire about availability. This program is limited to six university partners in 2016.

We have a growing list of Bay Area tech firms that receive international co-op and internship students. Build your brand and foster deeper connections with some of the world’s leading tech companies. Our step-by-step co-op launch program makes it easy, and includes:

Your name on an exclusive list of participating universities

Introductions to tech firms (you work directly with their hiring team)

Guidance about which companies are best for you and your students

Students’ ‘Welcome Weekend’ (Bay Area reception, day of speakers, company tours)

Networking events with alumni and Bay Area tech professionals

Communication and networking platform (like ‘Slack’) during students’ co-op term

End-of-program feedback session with students

Future planning with your university

Build a Silicon Valley Network

One of the best ways to tap into the Silicon Valley is through a connection or a group with common interests ... but where do you start?

We work with groups that are interested in building a network in the Valley such as Accelerators, VC firms or ex-pat communities.

Working with Accelerators and VC firms allows us to connect your already vetted group of entrepreneurs and provide an introduction into this highly influential ecosystem.

We also work with people that want to build a community and give back such as a group of passionate ex-pats that would like to help connect entrepreneurs from their home country with a trusted network interested in sharing their expertise and experiences. We can help you formalize or further develop your ex-pat community and in doing so, bring together passionate people to help companies succeed, faster and with less friction.

Interested in building a community in another city ... another country? We can help you there too.