our approach

Speck Design approached the design and technical challenges from the experience of using the device. What are the potential use case scenarios? Is the tablet intuitively and thoughtfully designed? Does it feel natural to hold in your hand? In addressing these concerns around the physical interaction between user and tablet, we focused on solving the main challenges: the angle of the camera array, hand placement, and device orientation. By targeting these three key areas, we sought to create an intuitive tablet experience, wherein the environment could accurately be captured in digital form and displayed to the user. For the device to accurately map the environment, the cameras need to remain unobscured. This necessitated a landscape bias orientation, due to the camera's horizontal layout.

While the initial research findings determined the ideal camera angle, the results also influenced the final industrial design concept, specifically around the placement of the user’s hands. Inspired by a game controller design, we created a soft grip scoop on the back of the tablet to let the user comfortably hold the device, while preventing camera occlusion. The incorporation of front facing speaker grills allowed tablet use without speaker or camera obstruction, thus maximizing the positive visual and auditory experience. Our subtle yet purposeful design features, including the wedge-like profile, create an all-encompassing intuitive experience that encourages the user to hold the tablet naturally in a landscape orientation for full range of vision.