Where the Future
gets made

Speck Design is the product design and innovation team within FutureBrand.
We create a more positive future through human-centered design and intelligent innovation.

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Across industries, clients, and budgets, one element remains consistent for every successful project: partners who are willing to roll their sleeves up, welcome a process that’s both rigorous and flexible, and erase their preconceptions about what the “right answer” might be. The answer will come; to get there, Speck Design makes sure to ask the right questions.


Intelligent Innovation


Maybe you’ve developed the perfect technology in search of a home. You need to find market whitespace, along with the analysis and fresh thinking to frame the opportunity.

Perhaps you have already decided on a market opportunity, but the ideal consumer remains elusive. Our insights and strategy experts will paint a compelling and actionable picture of your target user, helping tell their story in a way that heightens empathy, informs and inspires design, and reinforces our clients’ brand mission.

Once the white space and target user are identified, Speck’s industrial design and engineering teams will generate innovative offerings and experience concepts to help you capitalize on your opportunity in a brand new way.

Sometimes there isn’t a technology in play, or a white space, or even an identified consumer. This is where Speck Design’s planning and prioritization team comes in to help move your thinking forward, challenge existing notions, and map the road ahead.


Product Development


Maybe you’ve already framed the business opportunity, harnessed the technology, and established market objectives. What’s next? Speck’s focus on user-centered design means that we’re constantly shaping experiences based on a deep understanding of human values, attitudes, and needs. This is where we live.