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Speck Design has been a respected member of the Silicon Valley business community for over 20 years. But don’t take our word for it. Look in your pocket, on your dashboard, at your local hospital. Products we’ve designed are all around, solving problems and smoothing the way for all kinds of people and all kinds of companies.

It all starts with innovation. But it doesn’t end there. Speck stands apart as the only consultancy of its kind that can provide end-to-end strategic and tactical firepower for product and service design. From framing the problem to uncovering user needs to designing the experience to making it real and placing it on the shelf, Speck supports your project every step of the way.




Everyone in the business says that they work hard and play hard. Yeah, us too. What differentiates us when we're away from work, though, is HOW we play. You'll find us at a cycling race in Southern California, a textile exhibit in the city, a comedy club late at night. Our time might be spent playing a favorite Stratocaster, pitching for the neighborhood softball team, or knitting the cat a sweater. Whatever it is, we go at it full-on. And whatever our colleagues do with their spare time, we support them. OK, maybe not the cat knitting thing. But still.