About Us

How do we enrich consumer experience through design?

FutureBrand Speck, formerly Speck Design, has been a respected member of the Silicon Valley business community for over 20 years. We are thinkers, makers, and innovators with CAPE values (Creative, Adaptable, Positive, Entrepreneurial), uniting experts in strategy, design, innovation, and experience. We offer our clients six capabilities to help bring their products to life: Insights & Experience Strategy, Engineering, Product Design, Environment Design, Experience Design, and Startup Station.

Our process begins with insight, exploring the complexities of consumer engagement with products to drive design and engineering strategy. We dig deep into the aspirations, desires, and needs of our target audience to then design fully-integrated product experiences that reinforce our clients’ objectives. Utilizing strong engineering principles and focused execution, we create engaging and deeply connected products in the form of hardware, environments, and services.

We make connected product experiences.

Our Leadership

Elisa Jagerson
Elisa Jagerson
CEO, FutureBrand Speck
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Michael Sprauve
Michael Sprauve
Managing Director, FutureBrand Speck
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We are guided by four values


We innovate to create results and solutions that are better than those which currently exist. We combine rigor and knowledge with imagination.


We are comfortable with, and open to change. We do not work in isolation or with ‘theory’ alone – but create a team approach to problem solving that can be put into practice.


We care and share the courage of our convictions through ideas that create and make a positive difference to people’s lives. We challenge to improve. Who we are, and what we do is a catalyst for change.


We understand the imperatives of commerce and the challenge for companies, organisations and economic growth. We focus on solutions that provide positive results and value, and believe in measuring success.