Speck Design Becomes FutureBrand Speck

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Speck Design, one of Silicon Valley’s leading product experience design companies, today announces its change to FutureBrand Speck. The name change reflects the success of its integration into FutureBrand a year after joining the global branding firm, and signals its commitment to linking world-class brand thinking with connected product experiences for client growth.

The company, which was founded in 1996 and is behind thousands of innovations used in our homes, workplaces and even inside the human body, integrates insight, design and engineering to make connected product experiences. Elisa Jagerson, CEO of FutureBrand Speck, said of the change: “We have always been passionate about the vital role of user insight and engineering in product design. Knowing that something will work in reality is often the difference between a nice idea and innovation success. With the rise of digital, this has become about creating connected product experiences – those that live in an ecosystem of service, technology, hardware and the built environment. But we’re in a new era of proliferating innovation where simply making something that works is not enough. Instead, we need to make connected product experiences that people really want and stand out from the crowd. And this is why brand thinking – as the main driver of customer choice – is now at the heart of our practice. I’m excited to be leading this evolution of our company and offer and bringing the best of both organisations together more often for client success.”

The name evolution follows successful client collaborations in categories as diverse as personal computing, beverages and retail and reflects the increasingly close creative links between brand strategy, design and product experience in a connected world. Patrick Smith, Global CEO of FutureBrand Worldwide, added: “Branding has changed beyond recognition over the last decade. At FutureBrand we make brand experiences for a more connected future, and this depends more than ever on connected product experiences for success. This evolution for FutureBrand Speck reflects our commitment to that idea and I’m excited by the new opportunities it brings for innovation and growth.”

FutureBrand Speck will continue to operate from its new headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, where its team is growing across disciplines like digital, electrical engineering, software development and the built environment – reflecting the increasingly interdependent relationship between brand, physical products, data, service and the world around us.

To get in touch with FutureBrand Speck, contact us here.