Headquarters pavilion visitor’s center concept

The Challenge

The Barilla Pavilion Visitor’s Center is envisaged as an integral new element of Barilla’s headquarters complex in Pedrigano, Italy.  The building is designed to welcome visitors and host a varied and constantly-evolving program representing the cutting edge of innovation.


The Barilla Pavilion is designed to both blend with it’s environment and act as a beacon. Drawing  inspiration from local landmarks, the circular building is designed to emerge from the landscape, while the veil of the exterior skin dissolves its mass.

The site is planted with wheat, gently sloping up to meet the building and give the three story structure a low profile.  The roof is planted with wheat as well to give the impression the the building has emerged from the fields.  In this way, the building is both grounded and has wings.

A variety of programmatic elements occupy the perimeter of the building, while a large covered central atrium celebrates the iconic structural system, allowing for large group gatherings and easy navigation throughout the various experiences within the building.

The Result

The Barilla Pavilion is a space bringing together the company and the public: a point of departure for visits to the site, capable of providing an effective setting for the delivery of the complex story of Barilla to visitors. As a one-of-its-kind construction, the new center will transform the way the Barilla headquarters are used and experienced, providing a quality architectural experience and attracting visitors through the program of events it will host.

Capabilities involved