Brand & messaging exploration research

Competitive Reactions & Feature Prioritization

To inform next geneneration CGM product development, Dexcom commissioned Speck Design to explore competitive CGM product experiences among consumers with T1 Diabetes vs. Dexcom concept ideas. Dexcom also needed help prioritizing and road-mapping related product R&D initiatives. Results pinpointed competitive gaps to pursue as opportunity areas, and identified a clear prioritization of applicator, transmitter and patch features considered must-have’s vs. nice to have’s (e.g. reusable vs. disposable, transmitter thickness, patch footprint, needle extraction). Results also confirmed clear differentiation & promise for new Dexcom model over competitive options in terms of perceived mobility, ease and usability.

Dexcom Fusion Concept Testing

To help refine product development direction for a new CGM offering, Dexcom wanted T2 and pre-diabetic consumer feedback on optional concept descriptions that would engage and compel use, and feedback on the most helpful home screen and report usability features. Through a series of qualitative interviews, Speck Design was able to segment key users and gauge screen and app concept options. Results provided immediate direction & prioritization of concept refinements and value propositions that would most compel use.

Dexcom App Concept Exploration

Dexcom wanted to understand the experiences & needs of yet untapped T2 and pre-Diabetic user segments, and to determine which of several app concepts would compel app usage and help trigger actual behavior change. Qualitative findings provided a clear prioritization of concepts that would compel use and offered a strategic roadmap to follow in the upcoming product development cycle, by user segment.


Capabilities involved