Dropwater Co

Dropwater Co

The next generation water vending solution

The Challenge

The bottled water industry is wildly inefficient.  Plastic bottles are shipped using fossil fuel and then require recycling after use.  Demand for clean and portable water remains high, nonetheless, with the global bottled water market growing 7% in 2016 – on pace to overtake canned sodas.  

Dropwater is a Silicon Valley based company whose mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of plastic bottles for a better, more environment conscious world.  They partnered with FutureBrand Speck to envision and build a better water dispensary system.  Dropwater’s goal was to create a technology that would allow society to completely rethink how people get their water. 

The Solution

FutureBrand Speck developed the next generation vending solution that is not only eco-friendly, but can also personalize your water flavor and attributes.  Our team created an internal robotics system to add reliability and precision to the kiosk, as well as an increased bottle capacity – the kiosk now has the ability to hold 1,000 bottles, as opposed to the 700 it was initially able to store.  The kiosk had to meet industry standards and accommodate all types of users, including those with disabilities, and maintain a design that is modern and clean to match the eco-friendly brand and enhance the user experience.  Additionally, our team implemented manufacturing processes to allow for mass production of the kiosk.

Dropwater Co

The Results

The resulting design, complete with high-tech internal robotics systems, LCD screens, mass production processes, and a user friendly design, allows for a sophisticated and personalized, eco-friendly thirst quenching experience.  The Dropwater system has successfully been tested in market at events and has plans to launch and implement the kiosks in various locations.

Capabilities involved