Research partner initiatives


As Intuit’s research partner, we have completed over 200 projects since 2003. Research initiatives have touched virtually all of Intuit’s product lines and provided in-depth insights across an extremely broad range of research topics:  User experience journey mapping, new concept exploration, product ecosystem evaluation, branding & communications research (testing logo treatments, print & TV advertising, website & app usability, messaging, packaging, brand value props & taglines).


Usage Journey

Qualitative research for Intuit’s QuickBooks team uncovered key small business accounting use cases and associated pain points that served as basis for Intuit’s corporate national TV and print ad campaign

​Branding/Value Prop Evaluation

Upon in-depth interviews with Intuit’s business and personal finance customers, we pinpointed the most compelling value prop story that best communicated the brand’s relevance, value and points of differentiation. Provided clear prioritization of stories, as well as prioritization of benefits and reasons-to-believe to highlight within the story. Preferred “Powering Prosperity” story is being employed today across all brand communications.

Capabilities involved