Brand exploration and usage


We have a well-established research and product development relationship with PayPal that spans 10 years and 30 projects.

Research has covered the gamut of user experience, needs identification, target segmentation, branding and value prop testing, feature & benefit prioritization, concept exploration, messaging evaluation, and competitive analysis


Paypal Usage Journey

Before PayPal entered the mobile payment device space with PayPal Here, several rounds of research uncovered critical pain points/gaps in the current user journey with competitive products that provided clear direction for product development and competitive differentiation opportunities (e.g. playing up PP’s heritage and enhanced security vs. Square).

Research efforts also identified unexpected barriers-to-entry from differing merchant and buyer perspectives that PayPal was then able to effectively address in marcom efforts. 

Value Prop & Brand Exploration

With PayPal’s first forae into the small business payments sector, our research served to educate PayPal teams on SMB attitudes and needs around payments, and then helped guide the value proposition and brand pillar development process with clear direction on the most feasible story to be told that would create connection and compel adoption.

Capabilities involved