V Eyewear

Industrial Design / Engineering / Brand Design / Digital Design
Project Description
A fashion eyewear company that asks people to pay only for actual value, not some logo. A fashion eyewear company that says you don’t have to be a slave to a brand to see and look your absolute best.
Project Overview
V Eyewears wanted to create a brand around their beliefs that everybody deserves to see and to be able to express their individual sense of style while they’re doing it, regardless of their net worth. What they don’t believe in are the high prices people are being asked to pay for so-called “designer” eyewear.
Project Approach
One of the largest fashion retailers in Asia, Jaspal Group, provided us with a simple brief; ‘invent a comprehensive brand-story for our new fashion eyewear business’. Theirs is the sort of brief that allows our diverse team of creative brand strategists, and retail specialist designers to create, powerful, holistic solutions that enable our clients’ businesses to thrive.
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