Restoration Robotics


Product Design

Restoration Robotics, a global leader in robotic hair restoration developed a new hair restoration system called ARTAS iX.  Following a redesign of their robotic system, a new industrial design for the ARTAS chair was also needed.  Speck Design was tasked with re-imagining this chair.  It needed to improve on comfort and aesthetics, as well as reflect Restoration Robotic's new brand strategy. 

The Speck Design team began our process gathering insights through user research.  Data gathered from site visits generated more opportunities to improve features of the chair.  Areas like seating posture, headrest comfort and seating adjustments were keys to improving the patient's hair restoration experience.  

Restoration Robotics were fans of automotive styling and wanted their chair design to reflect the beauty of a high end sports car. We looked to infuse automotive-style "bucket" seating and sleek forms along the back side of the chair.

Tasked with building a prototype for the testing, the team was able to produce a prototype that looks very close to the production unit.  Restoration Robotics was able to unveil the ARTAS iX System and chair at the Aesthetic Show 2018 in Las Vegas to high praise.