Environment Design

The salzburg is a reaction to the current state of ‘design’ that has proliferated around the world. Thanks to the great homogenization exercise known as the internet, restaurants, lofts, stores, cafes and bars all decided they wanted to employ the same formulaic design language that would make them appear to be a part of the modern hive. The Salzburg is a light-hearted effort aimed at taking the essential elements of Austrian alpine architecture and exercising them in an urban function. Taking inspiration from the alpen home typology of a white stuccoed masonry foundation and a darker, more ornamental wood structure in the upper levels, we have distilled these elements to their purest form. The decorative wood balusters seen throughout the region show up in the perforated wood facade. Starburst relief cuts in the walnut planking provide an ethereal constellation as the light from inside pokes through at night. During the day, shutters are raised and windows are opened to allow for daylighting.