Product Design

Product Design


At Speck Design, we think of ourselves as a group of experience makers. We believe that experience should be the main driver for all designs. For us ‘experience’ means an emotional connection that a person has with a product/company. A memorable experience can be created through a thoughtful design of touchpoints (physical/digital/environment/service) that not only solve people’s problems but also transform them.


Research Design


Our design Research process at Speck Design allows us to better understand the emotions desires and needs of individuals to better direct our design process from start to finish.


Interdisciplinary Design


Researchers, Project Managers, UX designers, Engineers and Industrial Designers all work collectively under one roof to streamline Speck Design’s design process cutting down on time money and setbacks. Each member of our diverse teams are a part of the design process from start to finish to ensure the successful end result reflects the beginning vision.


Designing Experiences


At Speck Design we understand that every design, physically or digital, shapes a unique experience. This understanding outlines our process where we seek to understand what experience we aim to create then our diverse team works to bring that experience to life.


Our range of activities are wide but our main cores are:


Medical Devices


Consumer Products