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Who We Are
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Founded in California's Silicon Valley over 25 years ago, our company has been designing and developing compelling and transformative product experiences for the most innovative companies across the globe for decades. We work with organizations big and small, local and global, start-ups and legacy to bring their dreams to life and their vision to market. Our integrated teams of experts work in industrial design, product development, engineering design, rapid prototyping services, UX UI design, branding, strategy, and research, all under the umbrella of product design and manufacturing. The diversity of our teams defines us and drives the innovation that has led Speck to become an award-winning product design consultancy, widely regarded as one of the top product design, engineering, and development firms worldwide.
About Us
About Us
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Brands we work with
Brands we work with
User Research & Insights
Speck's research and insight team ensure that products connect and resonate with future customers while meeting their needs and fulfilling usability criteria. Our researchers specialize in quantitative, qualitative, generative, and evaluative research methodologies, utilizing tools like ethnographic research, ergonomic assessments, usability studies, customer surveys, and more throughout the design process. By discovering and solving user pain points in the research phase of product development, our research team can help our industrial design and engineering teams confidently find human-centered solutions to the real-world problems users face. At the same time, tapping into the emotional drivers that create genuinely transformative user experiences hallmark to all great product designs.

Industrial Design

At Speck, we believe the best industrial design connects the user experience with electrical and mechanical engineering while addressing the larger element of human needs. As such, our cross-functional teams focus on human-centered industrial design while still showcasing technical expertise throughout the product development lifecycle. Our ability to leverage decades of experience with modern engineering and design techniques makes us a top industrial design firm for product development in scores of industries like retail, medical devices, automotive engineering, and robotics. Our integrated teams utilize injection molding, surface finishes, and 3D printing capabilities to provide functional testing early in the process, which adds exceptional value to any product development project.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

We believe exceptional products are holistic by nature, so everything we engineer considers technological advancement and the end-user during each stage of the engineering process. We are a company built around the power of integrated teams; our electrical and mechanical engineers work in lockstep with our product designers to build innovation into everything we craft. Our unique approach allows us to take the products we engineer a step further--to satisfy design intent on a technical and human level while still considering costs, compliance, and manufacturing requirements. ​ Our extensive experience in mechanical and electrical engineering means we can seamlessly enter into any project at any stage of the development cycle and successfully guide it to completion.
Brand Design
Establishing a brand is more than telling a potential customer about your product. A fully realized brand should spark a conversation between the user and product, addressing consumer pain points and solving problems through a marriage of research and design. Whether you are looking to build a new brand or reimagine an existing one, Speck Design has the experience to bring your brand's story to life. Through package design, graphic design, storytelling, and visual asset creation, our brand design team will distill your product's values, purpose, and intent into an unmistakable signal that is uniquely yours. They will create a singular identity that connects with consumers, cuts through the noise, and resonates on an emotional level long after their interaction with your brand ends.
Digital Product Design
The world is no longer analog, which means every product created today must go beyond a physical manifestation and translate directly into the digital world. Speck's experience design team focuses on this digital journey maximizing how people feel, use, and learn from these encounters for products, processes, services, and omnichannel journeys. We create value through developing engaging interactions with technology that seamlessly synthesize physical products into the digital realm: websites, apps, software, and e-commerce. Our approach is in-depth and systematic, focusing on user insights to create end-to-end touchpoints for mobile, websites, screens, and user interfaces with equal consideration of functional specifications and meaningful user experiences. 
NPI & Manufacturing Services
Once a product is successfully designed and engineered, the product journey isn't over--it has just begun. This is why Speck Design's product fulfillment services give us a competitive edge over many other companies in the product design space. Whether your product is made through injection molding, laser cutting, CNC milling, or a combination of all three, our manufacturing engineering department ensures high-quality, low-cost, and seamless transitions of assembly processes in production. We also offer our clients a full range of continuing services like supply chain management, manufacturer support, contract manufacturer, and product fulfillment while managing fluctuating lead times.   These services give our product development clients stability while allowing them to focus on other critical activities integral to their brand’s success.
What we do
What we do

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