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Speck Design redefines future mobility with cutting-edge technology and design, focusing on autonomous systems and IoT-enabled infrastructure for the evolving transportation industry.
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Why Speck Design for Automotive & Transportation Innovation

Partner with Speck Design to navigate the complexities of automotive and transportation design with a team that champions innovation, customer-centric solutions, and strategic industry insights. We are dedicated to transforming your vision into reality, driving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty through products that not only meet but exceed market demands. Our adaptability and responsiveness ensure that we stay ahead of emerging trends, delivering designs that meet today's objectives and anticipate tomorrow's needs.

What Leaders Are Saying
"The industrial design of our new Cab has received exceptional reviews from every team member"
Taylor Morrison
NextGen Mobility Innovations
Our Capabilities
Join us on a journey from research to manufacturing, as we collaboratively transform your vision into impactful solutions.
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Our expertise spans critical sectors in automotive and transportation design, driving innovation that enhances the mobility landscape.
Autonomous Vehicle Components
Pioneering sensor systems for self-driving vehicles.
Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
Advancing the adoption of clean, efficient powertrains.
Connected Technologies
Enhancing in-vehicle connectivity and user experiences.
IoT Infrastructure
Building the backbone for smart transportation networks.
Public Transit Solutions
Innovating for the future of mass mobility.
Fleet Management Systems
Empowering fleets with data-driven operational efficiency.
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