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Experience the revolution in coffee brewing with Ground Control's compact device. Mechanical and electrical engineering at its best!
Ground Control
Reimagining the coffee brewing experience
Wearable device Created by Speck in their product design agency
Body Dynamics
Changing physical therapy forever with an innovative design
Industrial Design company design of autonomous robot the Omron
Omron Robotics
Autonomous material handling that increases safety
Innovative barbershop POS design by leading product design company
DOT POS System
Revolutionizing barbershop transactions
Revamped Google Fiber product lineup by Speck Design a product design company
Google Fiber
Redefining home internet solutions
Industrial design creativity - Helix Hair Labs styling product
Helix Hair Labs Curl Definer
Innovating the art of curly hair styling
industrial Design Company Speck Design Works on Google Robot
Google's Schaft
A protective and aesthetic skin for Google's robot
Speck Design, a top-tier product design company, transforms pizza delivery with the advanced Runner delivery system.
Runner Smart Food Delivery System
A new innovative way to deliver food
smart cooking pan design by Product Design Company speck design
From Vision to Reality: Transforming the Modern Kitchen with Cutting-Edge Technology
Product Design for Thermal Camera
Seek Thermal
Pioneering the B2B market with a disruptive thermal camera: a journey from ideation to execution, shaped by user-focused design and strategic product direction.
Brita Filtered Water Bottle
Seamless fusion of form and function in Brita's new bottle
Advanced product design by Speck Design
Game Ready
A meticulously designed elite recovery device for athletes looking for a game changing edge.
Medical Device product Design by speck design
DeepView Solution
Pioneering a new era in wound care using advanced imaging technology that delivers real-time insights for optimal treatment and healing.
Brand development company
Dexcom G6 Sensor
Delivering real-time insights and superior ease of use, a cutting-edge glucose monitoring sensor is transforming the future of diabetes care.
medical device design company
Opdivo Yervoy Educational Tool
Simplifying complex medical knowledge with O+Y Tool for cancer patients' understanding
product design firms
Google Cloud Transfer Appliance
A sleek and versatile solution for the modern workplace, combining advanced technology and elegant design for seamless collaboration and productivity.
Medical product design company
MediBeacon Transdermal GFR Monitor
Advancing medical care through innovative kidney health monitoring with an optical device that simplifies data tracking and improves patient outcomes.
Speck Design's interactive jewel-case kiosk for Cisco's server blade
Cisco Interactive Kiosk
A transformative and innovative kiosk that brings Cisco's server blade to life.
Speck A UX Design Company work with Linkedin
Linkedin Research Projects
A user experience transformation that enhances functionality and aesthetics, empowering professionals to connect and excel in their careers.
Speck Design a Product Design Company
Biocision Thawstar
MediBeacon's innovative optical device is transforming kidney health by providing real-time, non-invasive monitoring for accurate insights.
Speck Industrial Design of Turncare Guardian
Turncare Medical Device
Transforming patient care with advanced and intuitive turning technology for bedridden patients, reducing the risk of bedsores and improving comfort.
Revitalizing Lenovo: Crafting a dynamic, tech-forward identity across diverse products.