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At Speck Design, we have been creating the future for 25 years, helping our clients build lasting connections with their customers through compelling and innovative product design. We believe the catalyst for effective design is passion, diversity, and partnership. We work with organizations big and small, local and global, start-up and legacy to bring their dreams to life and their vision to market.

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Our mission is simple: use design to guide our clients in creating compelling and transformative products and experiences for their customers.
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Our core values

Our purpose is to enhance how we connect and experience life

Starting with a foundational belief that the products we create should be explicitly crafted to realize a more inclusive and equitable world, we fearlessly pursue our vision of a better tomorrow for all of humanity.  By embracing compassion, empathy, and the shared human experience in our processes, we are able to look past the intent of each product we design toward the impact it will have on the world in which we live.
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Passion is the catalyst for exceptional design. Good design elicits emotions and should be felt.
Diversity of thought and background brings innovation.


Successful partnerships go both ways and don’t end with the completion of a project.
Leadership is not the sole responsibility of management. We all lead by example. We are all creative

Together we'll build a better tomorrow.  

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Standing on the shoulders of giants and building on the intrepid ideas of free-thinkers, provocateurs, dreamers, tinkerers, rebels, and disruptors, Speck has built products that now shape the human experience Worldwide.

Making kindness and positivity louder.

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