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Spearheading innovation, our designers, engineers, and innovators at Speck Design are crafting solutions that redefine the boundaries of possibility.
A dynamic team at a leading product design company collaborates on innovative solutions, embodying creativity and engineering excellence to shape the future
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Our story
For 25 years, Speck Design has innovated in product design, bridging clients and customers with creativity and innovation. We champion passion, diversity, and partnership, working across industries to transform visions into market successes.
Our mission
Our mission is simple: use design to guide our clients in creating compelling and transformative products and experiences for their customers.
Speck Design a product design agency all sitting on a couch looking at designs
Our purpose is to enhance how we connect and experience life
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Standing on the shoulders of giants and building on the intrepid ideas of free-thinkers, provocateurs, dreamers, tinkerers, rebels, and disruptors, Speck has built products that now shape the human experience Worldwide.
Starting with a foundational belief that the products we create should be explicitly crafted to realize a more inclusive and equitable world, we fearlessly pursue our vision of a better tomorrow for all of humanity.  By embracing compassion, empathy, and the shared human experience in our processes, we are able to look past the intent of each product we design toward the impact it will have on the world in which we live.
Design innovation process at Speck Design, a top product design company
Passion is the catalyst for exceptional design. Good design elicits emotions and should be felt.
Diversity of thought and background brings innovation.
Successful partnerships go both ways and don’t end with the completion of a project.
Leadership is not the sole responsibility of management. We all lead by example. We are all creative
From Our LEader
"Our mission is to design with purpose, ensuring every product we create delivers both functionality and delight."
Michael Sprauve
President of Speck Design
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What We Do
Empowering Progress Through Diverse Capabilities
Our strength stems from our diverse set of skills and expertise. We engage in comprehensive research, pioneer innovative design, and engineer robust solutions. Our multidimensional approach equips us to navigate complexities and uncover unique solutions. Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, we transform ideas into impactful realities in every project. It's not just about what we do, but how we make a difference across various sectors and challenges.
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