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Industrial Design & Engineering

At Speck Design, we believe that the best product design requires a seamless connection between industrial design, user experience, and engineering both electrical and mechanical. Our integrated teams focus on creating products designed to provide the best user experience and are engineered to be cost-effective, reliable, and easy to manufacture.

Brand Design & Packaging Design

Today, a company's brand goes further than simply telling a customer what to expect; brands should evoke a deep emotional connection. Whether it is a consumer product or a server, packaging design is often a user's first experience of a product.

NPI & Product Fulfillment

Something that differentiates Speck and sets us apart are our product fulfillment services. Our Manufacturing Engineering department offers our clients a full range of services from supply chain to support, to working with your identified manufacturers and CM to product fulfillment.
Digital Design
Our team goes beyond simply designing products.  We create end-to-end touchpoints.  For products, processes, services, and omnichannel journeys--our Experience Design team focuses on maximizing how people feel, use, and learn from these encounters.
Research & Insights
The Research and Insights team ensures that products connect and resonate with your future customers. We deeply understand customer aspirations, desires, and needs which fundamental in developing products people love.
What we do
What we do
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Brands we work with

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