Industrial Designer

San Jose, CA
The Position

We are looking for an Industrial Designer who looks at the big picture and has a diverse skill set, the conceptualization and development of new products including creating aspects of form, aesthetics, physical and psychological interfaces between users and products, and system compatibility where required. May contribute to and work within project criteria established by other business functions, for example has a general understanding of mechanical engineering and various other adjacent expertise. Determines materials, construction, mechanisms, shape, color, surface finish, manufacturing processes and packaging in cooperation with other business functions involved in the new product development process. Must create the documentation necessary to convey the design solution to management or other business functions through renderings, models, mechanical drawings, and written reports.

  • Advanced ideation skills
  • User experience focus in all designs
  • Provide project and client support while managing your time effectively
  • Experience in designing products from concept to production

What We Are Looking For

Someone who has a desire to view the larger picture and is constantly curious about learning new technologies expertise and viewpoints. Willingness to communicate within a team setting in the effort to achieve a larger goal. You are someone who views your job description as the starting point of what you want to achieve at Speck Design.

  • 4+ years of professional design experience
  • BS-ID or equivalent with a strong product development focus
  • Internships or past design focused experience
  • High level expertise in Solidworks, Photoshop, etc.
  • Wide range of experience in various design disciplines