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Customer Experience should be the anchor of the customer journey leading to a long-term, rewarding relationship that turns customers into advocates.

Speck Design a Customer Experience Design Company
Our Tool Bag

Journey Maps

Identify gaps within a product or experience, allowing your team addresses them.

Empathy maps

Build empathy with your end-users allowing you to think from a user-centered perspective and thus helping understand the user's needs and wants


Create a deep understanding of user behavior and needs making it possible to define who the product is being created for and what is necessary or unnecessary for them from a user-centered point of view.

Story boards

Visualize your user's actions as well as the emotions they feel during each interaction.

Eco-system maps

Create an understanding of the relationships and dependencies between the various actors and parts that contribute to creating customer experiences.

Stakeholder maps

Understand internal and external stakeholders, who are working and participating in building on the product, and who are going to use it. Any change to the product affects both of these groups.

How We Do It

Our customer experience design team's ultimate goal is to optimize your customer experiences at all touchpoints before, during, and after purchases and use. We work with your team to create and leverage customer-centered strategies to delight your customers at each step of the journey, thus nurturing customer-brand solid relationships. These brand relationships allow you to connect with a consumer in a consistent, personalized, and emotionally compelling manner. It is also how to further your brand and ethos by dedicating time and attention to the workflow design's overall lifecycle. These efforts will allow you to yield a positive distinction from your competitors.

Designing a connected experience begins, first and foremost, with understanding consumer needs. For Speck's customer experience design team, recognizing emotional factors and examining utility demands provides invaluable foresight into understanding the deeply held aspirations of the consumer.  

Obsessively curious, our customer experience team's devotion to research drives the approach to creating meaningful and connected experiences. By analyzing the depth and complexity of consumer experience, we offer unique and proprietary insights to facilitate competitive advantages for our clients.

Speck Design Performing Customer Experience Design Company
"The companies of tomorrow will be judged on their ability to provide connected experiences to their customers."
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