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A Top Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Company that ensures your products are engineered correctly

How well a product is made is all about exceptional engineering. At Speck Design, we take a comprehensive, creative, and cutting-edge approach to product engineering. From creating new products for your brand or finding new and innovative ways to re-engineering them to work smarter, faster, and provide the solutions your customers want, our team of engineering experts does it all. We don't just think about engineering. We bring a genuinely outside-the-box approach to every product we engineer. This is because exceptional products consider the entire scope from start to finish. In addition, our team of expert and experienced engineers believe in synchronicity throughout the whole process. This is why we work with design, development, and research teams to ensure our engineering holds up to delivering imaginative and innovative products your customers need and want. 

Outside the box approach designed to create revolutionary products for your brand. 

We are a full-service, end-to-end product development and design firm, and it all starts with engineering. If a product isn't engineered using the latest state-of-the-art technology and ultra-talented engineering specialist with unwavering attention to detail, your products will fall flat before they hit the market. Your business runs better when you have superior and cutting-edge engineering that can see the entire picture of it all.  

Speck Design provides a comprehensive and unique product engineering solution to take your products to ultimate heights with our in-house CNC and prototyping capabilities. In addition, we partner with you to engineer products and design solutions to ensure your product manufacturing goes as seamlessly as possible.  

From CAD development, engineering testing, hardware development, and system design, we bring your business into the future with unparalleled user-centric engineering solutions. Because we are a design and development firm, our engineering specialists take a holistic view of every one of your projects. This enables us to be creative in how we engineer designs that can be scaled on a cost-effective basis to ensure profitability and success.

Electrical Engineering Designed To Optimize Your Business

 At Speck Design, we also believe in providing your business with state-of-the-art and unrivaled electrical engineering solutions. Not only do we work with you to create superior product engineering and designs, but we create the system's electronics to keep you running smoothly.  

Electrical engineering requires an intimate understanding of the ever-changing landscape of emerging technologies combined with the ability and expertise to connect them for every project. Our electrical engineering specialists are always one step ahead of the technology curve and studying innovations the moment they emerge. We take great care to ensure that we deliver our unparalleled level of expertise and standard of excellence to every systems electronics project we work on.  

From designing and engineering complex, innovative, and integrated LED systems to power sensors for smaller devices, our team of electrical engineering specialists has the expertise and experience your business needs to succeed in delivering the revolutionary products your customers crave.

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Our Product Engineering Solutions

All of our product engineering solutions are designed to optimize, revolutionize and simplify the way your business handles product design and development. From start to finish, Speck Design partners with your team to create state-of-the-art products that are built on a foundation of unsurpassed engineering and ingenuity.  

The engineering design process we utilize is built on a series of steps that our engineering experts use throughout every product design. This is because these steps are our guide and provide the roadmap that's proven to build user-centric designs and products that solve your customers' pain points.  

We measure twice and cut once with every part of our engineering process. This means if we need to retrace our steps to ensure pinpoint accuracy and precision, we do it. We do this because we understand that the success of your products depends on them.


CAD, or computer-aided design, is one of the most innovative and state of the art tools that our engineers use to engineer your products and solve complex problems. With this cutting-edge software, we're able to efficiently solve problems and find outside-the-box solutions that allow us to envision your product in a virtual space.

Engineering Testing

We test every product to ensure it holds up to our high standards of excellence by designing customized tests designed to fit every product. From start to finish, our engineering professionals are continually developing new test programs, implementing those tests, logging and analyzing results, and tracking any defects that we identify. This way, you can rest assured that your products are engineering to the high standards of quality your customers count on you to deliver. 

Compliance & Regulatory Solutions

Our engineering team works tirelessly to ensure that your products are compliant with all regulatory requirements imposed by government organizations, industry associations, and even your company. We bring an unrivaled level of compliance expertise and experience to every product we engineer for your company. 

Design for Manufacturing

Because we are a full-service, end-to-end product design and development firm, we understand how to create revolutionary product engineering that simplifies your manufacturing. When a product design and engineering incorporates the manufacturing process team, it allows your company to save on the costs of manufacturing. At Speck Design, we're transforming the way you manufacture by revolutionizing how your products are engineered. 

Rapid Development Prototyping

Creating a prototype is the best way to ensure our product engineering holds up to the test. Therefore, we incorporate your product prototype into every project we create for your company. Our rapid development prototyping solutions allow our engineers the ability to test theories, explore design alternatives, and confirm performance prior to the production of your product. 

Hardware Development Designed To Maximize Your Success

With our state-of-the-art hardware development services, your business is built on a foundation of superior electrical engineering and made to last. From end to end, our hardware development services are your ultimate solution for your system's electronics. 

Analog Circuitry

Our electrical engineers work with your team to create cutting-edge integrated circuit design that delivers the results you're searching for. In addition, we focus on finding new and innovative ways to ensure your analog circuitry optimizes your product and maximizes your potential. 

Digital Circuitry

Your products require power, and our electrical engineers have the solutions you need to ensure every product runs and operates seamlessly. Our digital circuitry services are designed to transform the way your products get the power they need to deliver exceptional and high-quality products to your customers. 

Embedded System Firmware

Our engineering specialists bring an unparalleled approach to your embedded firmware needs. We ensure every chip that your product needs are able to handle the operational requirements to create a seamless user experience. 

RF Integration

We specialize in designing and implementing RF integration for your product design. From RFID technology to WiFi and Bluetooth, there isn't a connectivity problem we can't solve. 

Communications Interfaces

Your products may require the ability to have seamless communication with other devices connected to them. This is where our communications interfaces solutions come in. We design and engineer cutting-edge communication interfaces to ensure that every device works exactly as you imagined. 
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