New Product Introduction & Manufacturing Support

A Seamless Solution for Bringing Your Product To Market

Creating a new product means much more than designing and engineering of a great product. It means managing a great deal of moving parts while simultaneously researching, selecting and managing multiple manufacturers; testing, production support and shipping. It’s a lot to keep track of, while simultaneously trying to innovate, especially if this is not your company's core focus.

The New Product Introduction (NPI) and Manufacturing Support process solves this challenge. NPI and Product Fulfillment is the process of establishing a clear plan to take your product from concept to its final destination. The steps involved in this process are unique from project to project, but the end goals are the same: reduce waste, avoid miscommunication, speed up production, and save money.

New Product Introduction

Design for Manufacturing

  • Ensuring the right manufacturing process are identified early on to determine the design for manufacturing is selected based on the volume requirements and sustainability requirements

Contract Manufacturing Identification and Management

  • Selecting the right CM and sub CMs to match the required processes required by the project

Pre-Production Test   

  • Oversee of molds and tools needed to manufacture the product.
  • Perform first article inspection of individual parts during the pre production tool run
  • Develop manufacturing assembly instructions

Pilot Manufacturing oversight

  • Oversight of the pilot production of the product.
  • Perform frequent quality control tests

Production Manufacturing Oversight

  • Production manufacturing oversight and management
  • Evaluate and analyze the Results
  • 30-60 days after the first production run, evaluate how the manufacturing and assembly process went and make notes on areas of improvement for the next production run.

Product Fulfilment Services

Demand Forecast Schedule Support

  • Work with manufacture to schedule build and ship to meet clients demand forecast
  • Oversee subcontractors and final assembly 
  • Oversee production testing
  • Begin ordering materials and other necessary resources.
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NPI & Manufacturing Projects
Industrial Product Design Agency
EMist EX-700
An electrostatic disinfection system that delivers a comprehensive and efficient solution for all disinfection needs.
medical device design company
Opdivo + Yervoy
Device to demonstrate how a lifesaving drug works
Industrial design and Engineering of Wireless charger puck
First-of-its-kind, two-part solution for wireless charging
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