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The world is no longer analog, which means every product created today must go beyond a physical manifestation and translate directly into the digital world.

Our Tool Bag

Interaction Design

Understand and design towards how your users will actually use your product

content strategy

Ensure that all of your information will be optimized

user research

Design towards those that actually use your product

Information Architecture

Ensure that users spend less time and effort searching for information and are successful in finding what they need


Verify that your app or product functions properly and that key features are easily accessible

visual design

Engage users by drawing the eye to the correct functionality, prioritizing tasks on a page through size, color, and the use of whitespace, and even increasing brand trust through the use of visual cues

How We Do It

When we design interfaces, and think through the user workflows, we take a holistic approach considering the context of the user, their needs and the hardware utilized to enable a deep experience. 

The mission of Speck Design’s UX/Digital Design team is to create meaningful digital experiences that work seamlessly and represent your brand in the best way.

Your connected product experience begins with a clear design narrative woven together from contextual clues, one that your users can embrace and affirm their alignment with your brand.  We follow an iterative design and testing framework, leading to the best solution for YOUR business, and one that resonates with your audience and connects to the brand message.  We understand that through this outcome we can help you achieve a successful MVP to product launch and lead to future areas for engagement.  

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A Seamless User Experience Takes a Holistic Approach
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