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Retail Design in the Age of eCommerce 

Retail design is one of the quickest changing markets in the current economy forcing companies to think about the future to stay ahead of the market shifts. Companies that neglect to adapt to the quickly transforming landscape will likely be left behind. Our retail focussed team assists companies with adapting and anticipating the landscape of tomorrow by reimagining business models, products, operational models, and leadership mindsets. After Anticipating those changes, our team works to execute those insights in a strategic method.

Medical Device Design and Engineering

How We Do It

The first task we work on is understanding leaders and internal stakeholders, goals, businesses, and core values; this will empower teams from within by shaping, aligning, and enabling their strategies. Additionally, we work to determine innovations that cross with those strategies, leveraging our capabilities to help companies launch next-generation products that integrate practices ahead of the curve.

Ethnographic and Consumer Research

To anticipate the landscape of tomorrow in the retail space, a company must first understand its customers and the current landscape. Our researchers work to gather strategic insights to be used as a building block and a constant north star of all our efforts.

Experience Design

The retail space is shifting from simply a conduit for selling goods to something more. The leaders in the retail space are beginning to think of their job not as a retailer but as experience makers. The future of the space is about being agile, evolving, and staying culturally relevant. It’s about reimagining space and flows: How will people come through this space? What will they feel? What’s the draw? What’s the attraction, beyond just stuff on shelves? Our team of experts works with you to define and create that experience for your customers.

Digital Product Design

The world is no longer analog. The retail space has learned this as much as any industry, which means every product created today must go beyond a physical manifestation and translate directly into the digital world.

Product Design and Engineering

Speck Design offers a start-to-finish design experience for the retail space as an expert product design company with capabilities in digital product design, packaging design, brand design, and logistics and supply chain management (SCM) comprise our company’s team. Our team will work closely with you to solve your product’s unique technological, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and design challenges.
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