Abbott Vascular

Industrial Design / Engineering / User Research
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Project Description
Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational medical devices and health care company with headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois, United States. Abbott focuses on innovative technologies that can improve the way clinicians treat people with vascular diseases, irregular heartbeats and diseases of the heart's valves and other structures. “A healthy heart and circulatory system are essential to good health. That's why at Abbott, we throw our hearts into advancing treatments for people with cardiovascular disease.”
Project Overview
Abbott Vascular had realized a need to redesign their disposable, hand-held stent delivery system. The handle-portion of the delivery device incorporates a finger-actuated lead screw used to accomplish stent deployment. Also included are a deployment lock and two Luer Fittings feeding separate fluid paths within the catheter set. Of particular interest in the redesign effort was a more smooth and precise action, intuitive user interface, and ergonomic consideration. Additionally, the new design had to incorporate a different internal mechanism than the current lead screw and accommodate stents up to 180mm in length. Ideally, the new design would be more compact with easy, low-force operation. Manufacturability was also a key consideration while integrating to the new stent delivery system.
Project Approach
Speck Design rose to the challenge and designed around the roots of the new design being mainly performance. The issues were: recoil, uneasy operation, uneasy stent deployment, IP, and stent limitation. Speck Design incorporated user research industrial design and engineering to enhance the user experience of the new stent delivery device. The new system offered users a hand held ergonomic device that focused on precision and ease of use.
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