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Project Description
Drop Water is a company on a mission to change how people all over the world consume water. They manufacture water kiosks and fountains to provide people with the right drink for them, in a sustainable way, at a more appealing price point. “We’re building the future of drinks.” -Drop water The Product Drop water is an eco-friendly, custom-flavored water vending machine built from natural materials. As a high-capacity water dispenser, it is the perfect way to keep customers hydrated in high-traffic areas. The unit holds up to 1200 compostable containers and can dispense a drink in one of these or refill customers’ reusable bottles with still, sparkling, and flavored water.
Project Overview
The Dropwater kiosk now has a 1,000 bottles holding capacity instead of the 700 it was initially able to store. The resulting design, complete with high-tech internal robotics systems, LCD screens, mass-producible materials, and a user-friendly design, allows for a sophisticated and personalized eco-friendly thirst-quenching experience. The Dropwater system has successfully been tested in the market at events and has plans to mass-produce and implement the kiosks in various locations.​
Project Approach
The design needed to be user-focused but still consistent with the Dropwater brand values. This meant creating a vending machine from sustainable materials with a look that is still exciting and intuitive. The kiosk had to meet industry standards to accommodate all types of users, including those with disabilities while maintaining a modern design and eco-friendly feel to match the brand and enhance the user experience. The Process Understanding the client’s mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of plastic bottles for a better, more environmentally conscious world--efficiency, sustainability, and environmental impact were critical to the Dropwater design thinking. Going into the design process, knowing the bottled water industry is wildly inefficient, the Speck team wanted to create a technology that would encourage society to rethink how they get their water. ​Like other vending machines that Speck has designed, the goal was to create a great customer experience. This meant creating a housing for the internal robotics system to add reliability and precision to the kiosk and an increased bottle capacity. Additionally, our team Using in-depth research, Speck found and integrated specific materials, such as sheet metal and thermoforming, to make the manufacturing process more mass-producible.
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