Eatsa Automated Restaurant

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The Client

Eatsa is a self-serve, kiosk-style restaurant with a menu focused on vegetarian quinoa bowls.

“Fun with food: An essential to the Eatsa experience.”

The Product

Eatsa customers place orders via iPad kiosks or a mobile app, then pick up their food from a self-serve wall of digital cubbies, without the need to interact with an employee of the company.

The Challenge

Eatsa wanted to make food-on-the-go healthy, delicious, sustainable, and still fast by using technology to create a unique eating experience for millennials. This meant designing waiter-less fast food vending-machine style restaurants with a virtual cashier, kiosks, and cubbies. To get to this point, the design team had to ask ourselves: who are we designing for, and how can we make this self-service but still fun and personalized?

The process

Speck’s team of researchers, designers, and engineers worked closely with Eatsa to create a seamless and personalized food experience. Our highly skilled and experienced team of designers and engineers developed robotic cubby stations consisting of high-tech transparent LCD screens for a fully automated food preparation and delivery service. The center point of the environment is the transparent touch screen displays that are part of the cubby doors.

the outcome

Hailed as the fast-food restaurant of the future, Speck succeeded in creating a fun experience for Eatsa customers. Our innovative design allowed for a seamless and more personalized food experience with undeniable aesthetic appeal. Eatsa now has four locations in California, New York, and Washington, D.C. and was named Restaurant Business’ 2016 Tech Accelerator of the Year, a recognition of the restaurant industry’s leading innovator in automation.

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