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The Client

EMist provides high-quality, safe, and healthy products for residential, commercial, and janitorial use. Their patented, intelligent electrostatic sprayers are used in the White House and Pentagon and by companies of all sizes worldwide.

“Healthier Spaces, Healthier People”

The Product

The EX-7000 is a portable disinfecting system designed to help safely clean and disinfect medium-sized businesses with ease. The EX-7000 model includes a cordless electrostatic backpack, a professional microfiber kit, and a safe cleaning chemical.

The Challenge

The goal with the EMist EX-7000 was to rise to the challenge of the Coronavirus times and design a more efficient backpack sprayer disinfecting solution for easier deployment of electrostatic cleaning agents to meet the quickly increasing need due to the COVID-19 virus. The design needed to be both simple to use and to be manufactured quickly to meet the pandemic-level supply pressure.

The process

Timing really was everything in this case since the product needed to be manufactured in a timeline that synced up with reducing the spread of COVID-19. Speck mobilized immediately after reviewing and assessing the initial EM-7000 design. The engineering team was able to quickly turn the rough prototype into a robust and functional design. Paying close attention to ease of use while developing this product was essential to making it more effective to encourage proper cleaning techniques that would aid against the spread of the disease.

the outcome

The EX-7000 model Speck engineered is streamlined and easy to use with a sleek, modern look. In addition to the striking aesthetics, the design addressed multiple ergonomic issues. For one, it is 51% lighter than other systems. A cordless version is conducive to being worn for longer periods of time and a nozzle designed to fit hands large to small. The streamlined, modern design also boasts an easily removable tank. The tank can be filled with any water-soluble chemical. Also, EMist’s Electrostatic Spray places a positive charge on droplets, enabling them to spread out evenly and seek out a negative or neutrally charged surface. This wrapping effect creates comprehensive coverage while simultaneously reducing chemical and labor costs. The design and manufacturing process was done in time for the model to be launched mid-pandemic and play an integral role in giving medium-sized organizations the tool needed to create safer spaces amidst the fight against COVID-19.

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