Microsoft Gameband + Minecraft

Industrial Design
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The Client
The Product
Gameband is a unique, high-end, durable Minecraft inspired device; nothing else like it exists.
The Challenge
The Gameband was designed to be easy to plug into any host computer via USB. Simply by clicking the Minecraft icon that appears on the screen, the user can launch and play the game. When he or she quits the application, all the Gameband data is automatically saved to the cloud. Keying off Minecraft’s DIY ethos, we designed a way for Gameband users to personalize their product by creating their own digital messages, images, and animations on the wristband’s LED array. This physical artifact from a virtual environment conveys both kinship and validation for members of the Minecraft gaming community.
The process
Now Computing asked Speck to develop a gaming accessory designed to enhance the Minecraft experience. Minecraft allows users to build worlds using virtual 3D building blocks, either solo or in multiplayer mode. With Gameband, players can save and easily transport their Minecraft worlds. This project came about as wearable technologies rose in prominence and offered us a chance to combine divergent perspectives in a streamlined and multipurpose product.
the outcome
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