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Project Description
Rainin manufactures the world’s most advanced electronic and manual medical pipettes products that are ubiquitous in labs and health facilities around the globe. Rainin sought Speck Design as a partner to create two next generation manual pipettes: the E4 XLS and the PipetLite XLS. We were asked to: Develop an ergonomic pipette design suited for non-stop, repetitive use during an 8 hour work day, accessible to users with small and large hands alike. Define a differentiated visual language and distinctive brand identity. Reinforce Rainin as a market leader and maker of highest quality, precise, robust, and user friendly medical pipette products.
Project Overview
A successful brand identity had to reflect Rainin’s core attributes of precision, quality, ergonomics, and technological innovation. Ergonomics stood out, as the pipette is often used repetitively all day, often by women with small hands. We preserved these complex ergonomics, while advancing the pipettes’ design and creating a bold, sophisticated look that users could identify with Rainin. The new medical technology being packed into the pipette warranted a clam shell design, which presented a considerable cost effectiveness concern. We met the challenge of integrating our design with existing pipette components, particularly fluid ends and multi-channels. Speck Design was engaged with Rainin from preliminary research and user analysis through market production. We emphasized visual language and materials throughout to influence user perceptions of quality and value. Injection molded plastic, rather than simpler casting, achieved a sturdier, smoother, more dynamic design. We leveraged previous pipette ergonomics, while advancing the design of both the internal assembly and the external interface and controls. The result is a brand distinct, high tech pipette instrument with features that deliver precise performance and a pleasant user experience.
Project Approach
A new pipette assembly was the project’s most notable innovation, since it required a complete rethinking of how to work with these devices’ internal parts. The resulting redesign elevated the Rainin pipettes above typical lab equipment styling, and marked the next generation of the product. The new design language resulted in visually dynamic devices, comfort for users of all hand sizes, clear brand identity, and 100% precision. These design decisions were borne out in the marketplace, as the E4 XLS and PipetLite XLS have become Rainin’s best-selling medical products. Rainin won a series of awards for their E4 XLS, including the Laboratory Equipment Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award and a Red Dot Honorable mention.
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