Idriss Mansouri Ruiz

Director of SCM and Operations


Idriss Mansouri Ruiz brings more than 25 years of experience in product design engineering, manufacturing, program management, and SCS/SCM operations.

20 years at WAGIC focusing in supply chain strategy and management operations amid a very fast paced environment of exposure to a wide variety of innovative products in a vast range of industries.

8 years of experience in medical industry between CVIS and Boston Scientific Corp. driving the intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, catheters, and peripherals from concept to production.

Idriss is fluent in four different languages: English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. He also holds a B.S.M.E Equivalent from Valencia Polytechnic University in Spain.

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Idriss Mansouri Ruiz
Leveraging 25 years in engineering and supply chain management, Idriss, our Director of Supply Chain Management, provides a unique insight into product lifecycles. His expertise, gained from medical to fast-paced innovation industries, offers valuable perspectives on product strategy and management.
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