Kiddee Charoenpanitkul

Creative Director


Concept driven — He understands how people interact and formulate emotional connections with spaces, objects and visuals. As a result his creative solutions are always multilayered and go beyond creating beautiful aesthetics.

With over 13 years of international design experience Kiddee has helped create branded experiences for established brands like Honda and Apple to agile startups. He holds a master’s degree from North Carolina State University College of Design and his resume includes working at one of Asia’s top branding agencies and prior to him joining Speck Design he held a position as a Senior Designer at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

When he is not crafting ideas in the studio you will find him off in the wilderness or searching for the next outdoor adventure.

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Kiddee Charoenpanitkul
With a global design perspective, Kiddee, our Creative Director, crafts meaningful experiences that transcend aesthetics. His experience spans top brands like Honda and Apple, providing invaluable insights. Off-duty, his love for nature fuels his creativity.
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