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Strategic Brand Design to Move Your Customers

Brand design/creative direction is one of the most important steps involved in a business. It allows a business to create a connection with its audience based on specific features, including its unique logo, web design, and images regularly used within business-related materials. Additionally, Great branding also helps you create a sense of continuity among all of your business’ assets. When you have the same fonts, colors, and layout throughout your content, it will be easier for audiences to recognize your company no matter where they see it. Some of the leading companies in the country obtain recognition and sales because of the brand design developed and used to highlight the products and services offered. With the right brand design, a company is able to connect with its targeted audience, make an impact, and gain recognition.

Graphics + Visual Design

Visuals leave a lasting impression on the consumers who see them. They're the key to branding your business and coming across to your targeted audience in a sophisticated and professional manner. Using graphics for business is an integral part of building your branding strategy. The right images and designs allow the consumers to quickly become familiar with the brand, easily recognizing it when they see it across their screens. Our company creates high-quality graphics you can use on your website, in commercials, on social media, and all across the board.


The typography used or created is equally important as using graphics to represent your business and its offerings. Typography is not as simple as choosing the letters to use. Typographic decisions include sizes, styles, colors, letter spacing and so on, each of these decisions can positively affect viewers and set the tone for your business or they can ultimately steer away potential customers. Selecting or creating the right typography to use on your website, in your logo, and even on your business cards can help you appeal to the correct audience by capturing their attention with captivating text that stands out.

Color Palette

Your color palette can easily attract the right attention when you've selected the correct hues and shades. The psychology behind colors proves that different shades can influence the decisions we make. 

Imagery + Photography

At Speck Design, we care about the imagery behind your business. Imagery includes any photos and videos that will represent the brand and what it offers to consumers. Using the right images and videos makes it possible for you to make a deeper connection with your audience, tell a story with a personal touch, and express the brand's personality to connect with your audience. 


Your brand's logo is how the rest of the world will identify it from other businesses and their products. Share your vision with us, and we can turn that vision into reality with an impressive logo that showcases your brand to the world. It's the most critical piece of the branding puzzle.

Style Guidelines

Once the entire Brand Design is in place followed by the required approvals and formats required, the agency has to present and brief upon the style guidelines to the company representatives on the logo usage rules, layout guidelines, design templates, colour palette, the system of the typeface, and other related in-depth rules. It exists so that others can create marketing collateral having a cohesive look and tone.

Product branding is what ultimately sets your company apart from the competition.

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