Best Industrial and Product Design Blogs Our Designers Visit


At Speck Design, we are constantly inspired by the ever-evolving world of design. Whether it's the latest trends, insightful articles, or innovative product showcases, these websites are our go-to sources of inspiration and information. Here's a curated list of some of the best in the business:

1. Speck Design Journal

Naturally, we kick off our list with our very own blog. Dive deep into insightful articles, industry trends, and thought-provoking features. If you're reading this, you're already here, so why not explore more?

2. The Dieline

As one of the premier platforms for package design inspiration, The Dieline offers a blend of impeccably curated designs and insightful articles. A must-visit for anyone in the packaging world.

3. It's Nice That

From graphics and illustrations to photography and product design, It's Nice That is a reservoir of creativity. Their features touch on all corners of the design world, making it a well-rounded resource.

4. Co.Design by Fast Company

Fast Company's Co.Design is a nexus of business and design. With in-depth features and the latest news, it’s a must-visit for anyone keen on understanding design's impact in the business world.

5. Core77

A veteran in the design community, Core77 offers articles, discussions, and competitions. It’s a hub for designers from all walks of life to share, learn, and connect.

6. Yanko Design

Showcasing innovative products from designers globally, Yanko Design is a treasure trove of inspiration. From concept designs to market-ready products, it's a feast for any design enthusiast.

7. Dezeen

While primarily known for architecture, Dezeen's design section is equally compelling. Dive into the latest news, trends, and showcases that provide a holistic view of the industry.

8. Design Week

Design Week Logo A Industrial Design Blog

Originating from the UK, Design Week covers a spectrum of design topics. Their articles are a blend of informative and engaging, making it a regular stop for us.

9. Design Milk

For a fresh perspective on modern design, Design Milk is a top choice. Spanning various design disciplines, it offers a unique lens on contemporary design.

10. Designboom

An oldie but a goodie, Designboom covers the triad of art, architecture, and design. Their product design section is a world of inspiration with content from all over the globe.

In the vast realm of design, staying updated and inspired is crucial. We hope this list serves as a starting point for your own design journey. Explore, learn, and most importantly, stay inspired!