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The Client



"Patients are at the center of everything we do. They inspire us. They are the reason we come to work each day."



The Product

The O+Y Tool is a device for doctors to use to demonstrate how the OPDIVO + YERVOY drugs work together to help patients' immune systems launch potentially life-saving responses to cancer. A responses is greater than when either medication is used alone.

The Challenge

The creators of the OPDIVO+ YERVOY came to Speck Design looking for a tool that would help doctors demonstrate the complementary interactions between the cancer drugs OPDIVO +YERVOY to patients.   The tool needed to allow doctors to convey complex medical processes to patients who were often going through a difficult time of life and could be sensitive or distracted.   The challenge was simplifying the high-level concepts while creating comfort and easing tension.  At the same time, the tool would still have to succeed in conveying all the information necessary for the cancer patients to truly understand their treatment.

The process

Speck Design's experience design team started with understanding the target experience Novolab wanted to create.  This allowed the team to see things from the perspective of a patient:  where any confusion could arise and the best way to bring clarity.  The experience team and the creative team then gathered to form various concepts of how to create a patient and doctor experience that would suit the needs of both parties.  Drawing inspiration from educational toys, the Novolab brand imagery, and the form of T Cells, the chosen method was an educational device.  The industrial design team and engineering teams then worked with the NPI & Product Fulfillment teams to create the O+Y product experience, including packaging. 


The NPI & product fulfillment teams worked throughout the process to ensure the industrial design and engineering would be designed for manufacturing at the target COGs (Cost of Goods) targeted by Nivolab. They also identified a suitable manufacturer that was in line with the requirements of the client.   The NPI & product fulfillment teams then oversaw the tool build and manufacturing process, plus organized/ managed the assembly implementing quality control check.  As the final part of the process, they organized and managed the last-mile shipping of the completed units and boxing. 


the outcome

The outcome of the O+Y Tool project is a demonstration experience that naturally and seamlessly fits within a doctor's interactions with their patients.  It allows for a simple yet informative presentation that is sympathetic to a patient's needs.  It enables patients to easily understand complex, life-saving results in a visual manner free from distraction. This level of simplicity allows a doctor to meet their patients on a human level during a challenging time, giving them comfort and hope.

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