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The Client

A global leader in positioning and ophthalmic diagnostic technologies., Topcon is a leading manufacturer for the construction, geospatial, and agriculture markets, creating technology that improves workflows for a more sustainable tomorrow.

“Meeting you at the intersection of infrastructure and technology.”

The Product

Speck engineered a series of products with Topcon for their semi-autonomous agricultural division: the AES-25 steering wheel, the X35 17” in-cab display, and the [AGS-2] GNSS antenna and receiver. These work in congress to allow farmers to remotely control tractors as they plant crops in fields.

The Challenge

Functionally the challenge was creating a series of end-user parts that were rugged enough to withstand the dirt and water common to the field environments in which they would live. Aesthetically, this included maintaining a look consistent with the Topcon family of products and within the series of products itself, without sacrificing useability. The challenge posed by the user interface was one of simplicity. The interaction between the user and the screen needed to be simple, quick to set up, and allow for accurate tracking of the machinery to avoid costly mistakes in high-value agriculture spaces.

The process

Speck started the process by working with Topcon testing teams in the US and Australia as well as the manufacturers of the tractors the devices would be used with ( OEM Tractor). This interaction allowed our teams to harvest critical legacy knowledge and ensure all the technical requirements were met. We did this through a series of on and off-shore meetings designed to refine the client’s needs while honing in on the user interface design of the touch screen.

the outcome

Speck successfully delivered on our promise of superior engineering. The user control is streamlined and straightforward, with a look that perfectly matches the Topcon family of products. Used in congress with other Topcon components, Speck engineered devices allow for precision positioning technology that maximizes agricultural productivity and yield. The system was well-received industry-wide and is now known as the benchmark for future semi-autonomous agrarian products.

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