Ford Vecto Trace

Industrial Design / Engineering / Packaging Design
Project Description
In the interest of positioning themselves as a “transportation” company, not just a car company, Ford wanted to explore how they could better understand cycling. The Vecto Trace was conceived of as a way for cyclists to add intelligence to their commute, ideally giving them something akin to Waze but for commuting by bike.
Project Overview
Ford Motor Company came to our team with a request focused not on four wheels, but two. Armed with a printed, circuit board and analytics software, the global automaker wanted to explore developing a data recorder for commuting cyclists. This recorder would focus not on rider health, but on the road and surrounding conditions. Hooking in to the social network was a must; potential competitors were already gathering data during rides that helped cyclists make better decisions. Where should Ford play in this niche to burnish its image as a transportation company — not simply a car manufacturer?
Project Approach
Speck Design created and developed a small module that attached to a standard water bottle fitting. The module contained a rechargeable battery; riders interacted with it via a simple button on the handle bars. Riders without water bottle cages could mount the device directly on the bicycle; indicator LEDs advised riders of battery state. The module came in a beautifully designed and branded package that included simple and clear instructions.
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