Speck Design Picks: The Best of Behance Product Design and Development


Adobe Behance has become a hub for talented designers, artists, and creatives across the globe. And for good reasons--it offers vast collections of projects across various mediums and industries--and it's scintillating. As an inquisitive and forward-thinking product design agency, we often find ourselves perusing the online platform to discover creative works to admire and fall in love with. We do it so much, in fact, we've created a "Best of Adobe Behance" blog series, to showcase some of our curated picks. From industrial design to packaging design and UX experiences to feats of engineering, our series will reveal the best of product design-related projects and concepts. So whether you are looking for the latest design trends or a fruitful way to kill some time our "Best of Adobe Behance" series is sure to delight and inspire!

Product Design

Wood lamp bent in the shape of a Z
Image: Light-7 by Medium2 Studio/Behance

The 'Light-7' modular magnetic lamp, allows users to explore a vast array of customized combinations to light up their workspace or home. Utilizing wireless magnetic technology, multiple illuminated lamps are attached effortlessly and seamlessly to the main module; whether as an independent desk lamp or suspended pendant lighting. This captivating lamp is crafted through inspiration from stretch fabric, with a wooden frame elegantly set atop the base and additional wireless modules. Its illumination transforms the atmosphere of any room and its sculptural form entrances viewers.

Industrial Design

Image: NEST | Salt & pepper shaker Mirko Romanelli

Nest is a sophisticated salt and pepper shaker set, fashioned with black and white marble for an eye-catching flair. Featuring geometric minimalism, it offers effortless elegance that will complement any décor thanks to its simplistic charm.

Drawing ideas from the form and purpose of a nest, this concept seeks to shape marble into elegant spheres and toroids for maximum protection. The idea is not just about aesthetics but also practicality - offering users an incredibly flexible product that can be used almost everywhere. Marble's natural beauty will further enhance the simple geometric shapes which are hallmarks of this design concept.

Packaging Design

Image: Chocolat Factory by Zoo Studio

Zoo Studio designed packaging for a new range of hot chocolate products in a design language that follows the brand's defining style while adding exciting interactive elements. The cylindrical structure was based on dividing the format into 3 parts; the base, a central ring, and the lid. This both gamified the packaging and added visual interest. The ring and the lid can rotate in both directions and when the parts are matched the user has all the information in order.

Medical Device 

Image: The O+Y Tool by Speck Design

The O+Y Tool is a device for doctors to use to demonstrate how the OPDIVO + YERVOY drugs work together to help patients' immune systems launch potentially life-saving responses to cancer–a response greater than when either medication is used alone.

Speck's experience design team started with understanding the target experience Novolab wanted to create.  This allowed the team to see things from the perspective of a patient:  where any confusion could arise and the best way to bring clarity.  The experience team and the creative team then gathered to form various concepts of how to create a patient and doctor experience that would suit the needs of both parties.  Drawing inspiration from educational toys, the Nivolab brand imagery, and the form of T Cells, the chosen method was an educational device.  The industrial design team and engineering teams then worked with the NPI & Product Fulfillment teams to create the O+Y product experience, including packaging. 


Image: Wasteless by Alexandra Pytliak

A lovely user experience optimization of a food waste app designed to incentivize users to meet specific food waste reduction goals. The project uses signifiers to create a subtle but powerful incentive-based user experience.

It begins with a recognizable registration screen that gently guides users through a streamlined registration flow when the user starts the registration process. Then the UI cleverly acts as a virtual refrigerator that helps users identify products that are about to expire. It also allows users to create a shopping list or access recipes based on their food stores. 



The ionic Sound System is a set of speakers, satellites, and a subwoofer, designed for home or office interiors. The CAD imagines it as a 3D printing technology: one piece to avoid disruption of the visual appearance by any visible connections or bolts. It is a  well-executed digital drawing and rendering of a unique product with complicated geometry.

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